What is Tango Magazine

Tango Magazine is a format of video interviews and an in-depth channel dedicated to Argentine Tango. Born from the passion for Tango by Raffaella Catinelli and the work of cameramen by Lorenzo Giovenzana Tango Magazine has the mission to spread the world of Tango in all its forms and to share with all fans the emotions that Tango gives.

TangoMagazine is your portal

Tango Magazine offers significant content dedicated to tango every week: news, interviews with the teachers and dancers, live performances, participation in the most important Tango Festival, insights and sharing of linguistic experiences.

TangoMagazine and sharing

The goal of creating an information and dissemination channel on the world of tango is closely linked to social sharing: Tango Magazine has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and transmitted on the Digital Terrestrial TV channel to reach the largest number of fans.

Faitango, with this site, is pleased to support Tango Magazine with a video indexing service, organized on YouTube, the contents are developed independently and the copywright are property of two authors, Faitango only reserves a personalized service to the Affiliates  who want to tell their story